Building Services and Roads

  • Design and consulting

    assistance in the selection of materials

  • Excavator Rental

    interest prices

  • Hand laying paving

    full range of preparatory work

  • Sidewalks and playgrounds

    cooperate with regional delivers

Kolbud building services and roads

We do all the work on laying paving, sidewalks on private estates and huge orders for larger companies.


Kol-Bud Peter Kołacki

  • We are hard experiences in buildings roads and general paving works
  • good experienced staff, we cooperate with local delivers
  • we are working in the commune of Szczecin and Police, as well as throughout the West-Pomeranian Region
  • examples of our works can be found in the menu maked projects.

Ours clients we offer:

  • Paving, any earthworks, laying paving stone, stones
  • Assistance in the selection of materials and project execution
  • All finishing work, repairs of apartments and houses
  • Adaptations of attics and living quarters, office
  • Internal and external instalation of buildings
  • Gypsum board, building and interior partitions
  • Installation of wall and floor panels, tile laying and installation of windows and doors

... more about our services in the our offer menu.

The works are carried out in a fair and professional, trust competence workers.


We guarantee advice, reliability and speed of works!

Competitive pricing and accuracy make our clients are always satisfied with the completed work.

If you are interested in our services please contact us, pricing and project are free.


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